25% of the world’s vegetation…


The grass family-Poaceae(5th largest)-has 8000 species world wide with widespread distribution. The main areas are prairies and savannas and can be found from the arctic to the topics. Members of the family include cereal,bamboo, grasses of natural grasslands,cultivated lawns, sugar cane and pastures. Other classifications found in the family are maize,wheat,rye,sorghum,barley, and fescues. This hard working family provides staple foods,forage,building materials, and fuel to the world.img_0922


good looking field of corn in the “heartland” and “timothy” grass-pics by td

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Joe what weed?…

Joe-Pye weed-Eupatorium purpureum-dots the landscape in the Eastern and Northern parts of the U.S. this time of year, staying til frost. It likes low moist areas,wooded slopes, wet meadows growing up to 2.1 m(7′) and spreading out from .6m to 1.2m(2-4′).It’s flowers are  shaggy,mauve pink color and grows in colonies. The story is that it got it’s name from an Native American who used it to cure typhus in the 1800’s. Modern uses include making tea from it’s flowers. Also this plant can be used as an ornamental in the garden to add color to this time of year.


pic by td-thanks to missouribotanicalgarden.org and ediblewildfood.com-thanks for reading!