Thoreau for your Sunday…

Within a little more than a fortnight the woods, from bare twigs, have become a sea of verdure and young shoots have contended with one another in the race. the leaves are unfurled all over the country….Shade is produced, and the birds are concealed and their economies go forward uninterruptedly, and a covert is afforded to animals generally. But thousand of worms and insects are preying on the leaves while they are young and tender. Myriads of little parasols are suddenly spread all the country over, to shield the earth and the roots of the trees from the parching heat, and they begin to flutter and rustle in the breeze.Walden-June 1, 1854.




nature pics by td-Happy Father’s Day!

Two for one Thistle Sunday…



Thistles are one of the most familiar types of weeds because of the spines on their weeds and flower heads. There are about 200 species in the world, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere.The thistles are members of the Daisy family-Compositae. The top pic is a Star thistle-also known as Common or Bull Thistle.The bottom pic is a Sow Thistle.Just another weed no one really lookin’ at but me.These two weeds were found at the corner of mine and my neighbors’s yards. By the way the vine you see is a honey vine milk weed getting a start on the season.More to come on that beautiful smelling weed.All pic by td-thanks to ‘Weeds”-a Golden Book for help.

Thoreau for Sunday…

Meanwhile my beans, the length of whose rows, added together, was seven miles already planted, were impatient to be hoed, for the earliest had grown considerably before the latest were in the ground; indeed they were not easily to be put off. what was the meaning of this so steady to be put off. what was the meaning of this so steady and self-respecting this small Herculean labor, I knew not,I came to love my rows, my beans, though so may more than I wanted. They attached me to the earth, and so I got strength like Antaeus….The Bean Field-Walden 1854.img_0795


beans are mine-td(the variety is Contender-a bush bean).Happy Sunday!