25% of the world’s vegetation…


The grass family-Poaceae(5th largest)-has 8000 species world wide with widespread distribution. The main areas are prairies and savannas and can be found from the arctic to the topics. Members of the family include cereal,bamboo, grasses of natural grasslands,cultivated lawns, sugar cane and pastures. Other classifications found in the family are maize,wheat,rye,sorghum,barley, and fescues. This hard working family provides staple foods,forage,building materials, and fuel to the world.img_0922


good looking field of corn in the “heartland” and “timothy” grass-pics by td

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tim’s weed patch. It’s been a rough summer here at the weed patch. A few words on my inactivity. Foremost I would say it was my job-store closings and finding a new store. That is behind me now. Secondly I don’t feel I have been learning much in the way of plant science. I see the same old weeds. To get off the trail can be hazardous- tramping thru a farmers field to look for palmer amaranth is not a good idea. Of course my mission is “what is that weed” and still is and will continue to be so. I not long ago visited what I call a “heap” at the edge of a very nice park here in town- kinda strange but only I can love a heap. I have commented before on this area as it has been full of organic matter and is full of plants. Namely a sprawling morning glory- just beautiful!. See what happened was that the city cut down this area earlier this spring. Guess what, the plant life came thriving back. I thought it would be my inspiration to keep my mission in check and me as well. I did not do anything. Today I am doing something. As we move into Fall the weeds are slowly going into pod stage or dying . There is still time to observe and my main man-Thoreau-is my mentor on observations. So  I just needed some motivation by talking to my readers. Thanks for listening and reading tim’s weed patch!



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In wildness is the preservation of the world-Thoreau.

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