Holy Cow!..Who knew one could train cows to eat weeds…livestock expert Kathy Voth is training cows on rangeland to eat weeds.She has found out that the native weeds are higher in nutrition than hay which are also easier to eat because of more leaf matter.Kochia -a semi-evergreen- is the plant of choice.She has found that the cattle seek it out.As my Dad used to say “it eats good” for the cattle.It seems that the cows know that the plant has a higher nutrition value-WOW!-.It is a win-win situation-the cows eat weeds and the cows get full making more steak.She also rewards the cows for eating new things after giving them what they are used to, then feeding them something new and all at the sound of a horn!Talk about delegation,she trains a few cows and the other cows watch- the other cows are trained to eat weeds.Now you are asking won’t this just make more weeds?No the cows will eat the plants before they go to seed.Cool stuff for sure!



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