“Good fences make good neighbors”-Robert Frost.Giant ragweed-ambrosia trifida-is an annual growing 3′-12′ tall reproducing by wind pollination with 5000 seeds per plant.It prefers full sun to partial shade and moist conditions but can tolerate some dry periods.As usual found in disturbed areas,meadows,near rivers,thickets,and my garden.More later on that in a bit.While one usually thinks of hay fever associated with all ragweed-at one time it was used by our Native Americans as a grain crop 600 years ago.It is high energy food plant with 47% crude protein and high in oil content.Just not ready for prime time consumption again.Not surprising birds like ’em .It is found in 47 of 50 states skipping Nevada,Hawaii, and Alaska.Now back to tim’s weed patch-I have giant ragweed growing as a fence border to filter out the neighbors!



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