Compass Plant-Silphium laciniatum-also called gum weed and rosinweed.

According to lore the early pioneers thought the plant pointed north and south hence the name.The plant is a perennial-related to the sunflowers-and a member of the aster family.It produces a big show on the prairies-tall grass-which includes a large section of the mid section of the US.The Compass plant is a survivor that can survive drought conditions and can live up to 100 years!It helps that it has a tap root 15′ long to help it tower over the landscape.Like most weeds birds like the seeds and can be used as a cut flower.Also our Native American children used the resin as gum.Seems like always something good comes from a weed.wpid-wp-1412889257562.jpegwpid-wp-1412912546805.jpeg


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