Thoreau for your thursday…

“If you are afflicted with melancholy at this season,go to the swamp and see the brave spears of skunk-cabbage buds already advanced  toward a new year.Their gravestones are not bespoken yet.Who shall be sexton to them?Is it the winter of their discontent?*Do they seem to have lain down to die,despairing of skunk-cabbagedom?…I say it is good for me to be here,slumping in the mud,a trap covered with withered leaves.See those green cabbage buds lifting the dry leaves in that watery and muddy place.There is no can’t nor cant to them.They see over the brow of winter’s hill.they see another summer ahead”

From Thoreau’s Journal x, 149-151(“Thoreau’s World-Charles R. Anderson)

*Henry VI,part Three,V.5.81

230px-Henry_David_Thoreauth (4) - Copy

pic of skunk


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