My mission statement…what’s that weed?

This weed is all over-on creek banks and trail paths!The weed is Japanese Hop-Humulus japonicus(Hemp family).It forms deep-dense mats that cling to anything in it’s path.The plant has rough textured-palmate leaves-diverging like the fingers of a hand-with 5-7 lobes.In addition to riparian areas-river banks-it can be found along roadsides,fence rows,and waste places-my fav area.As in a lot cases it was cultivated as an ornamental that escaped!Japanese hops can be found in the eastern half of the US minus the Deep South.To sum up I like this thought from Richard Mabey concerning  weeds:”the weed community shouldn’t be judged by the behaviour of it’s most aggressive members.Weeds-even many intrusive aliens-give something back.They green over dereliction we have created.”


Note quote is from “Weeds”-Richard Mabey


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