Pods-wildflowers and weeds in their final beauty.

The pod is the seed container of the plant.The seed pods come or form from the flower blossoms if the blossom is pollinated.Seeds inside the pod are housed together waiting for dispersal either to sow more plants or food for wildlife.Basically folks are either using their craft skills to design arrangements or some are “harvesting” the seeds to plant.The containers-after the pods have released their seeds-remain in a variety of shapes to provide more beauty to view.The pod pictured is teasel-Dipsacus sylvertris-or wild teasel.It blooms July-October producing a lavender flower on aan egg shaped head.As the norm of weeds it is found on roadsides,disturbed areas-my fav-,old pastures,you get the idea.See my post 080514 for more info.Thanks to Jane Embertson’s book-“Pods:Wildflowers and Weeds in Their final Beauty” for my research.The pic of the single stem is from the “field” for a closer illustration-which I normally do not take plants from their habitat.wpid-wp-1415482157308.jpegwpid-wp-1415482495131.jpeg



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