Weeds in their final beauty…

What a send off on a stellar year for weed growth.With better than average rainfall in my neck of the woods-Illinois-plant growth has been high.Next up for the pod study are goldenrods-Solidago canadensis-they bloom July-Sept. growing 1-5 ft. tall.The flowers are golden yellow in plumelike clusters with lance shaped leaves.Mostly the goldenrod is found in meadows,clearings, and roadways.  .If you want to make arrangements  pick the blooms as soon as they appear and hang to dry.Pick them later in September for dried  fuzzy tops and in Oct.-Nov. for strawflowers.The goldenrod can be used in a lot of ways from colonial to contemporary.On a personal note this plant  transforms from a yellow bloom in summer to white in no time at all almost making it look like a different plant.See my post on 091014 for more info.Thanks in advance for the visit.



Thanks to Jane Embertson-“Pods…wildflowers and weeds in their final beauty”. and http://www.livecreativelyinspired.com for the pic.


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