Pods…Weeds in their final beauty.

This weed is so common that I don’t believe I have made a post as a subject.Never the less,it is a weed that has a history and worthy of study.The plant in study here is the foxtail-Alopecurus-(creeping foxtail).You got it-the tail looks like a fox tail!That foxtail is called a spikelet- a cluster of grass and disperses it seeds as a unit.Cattle like this type of grass and it has a very aggressive rhizome system.It can be used in filter fields and help with erosion.It is widespread in northern temperate zones and is considered both an annual and a perennial.

The post today is the foxtail in it’s final beauty.When you look at plants in final stage of their life -they do take on a different look.A look that is in sync with the rest of nature.



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