Pods-Weeds in their final beauty…

As we remember the pods house the seeds for future distribution.As Jane Embertson in her book “Pods” says the pods are as beautiful as the flower.The weed in study today is the Cat-tail-Typha angustifolia-or narrow-leaved cat-tail.Sometimes the cat-tail is seen as a nuisance in ditches and marsh areas but in the Richard Mabey train of  thought they are holding  down the ditch!Furthermore, muskrats like the roots and the leaves can be used for thatching.They bloom May-July with the male spikes being yellow and the female are green.you can see the plant 2-5 feet tall or more and are found throughout the world.

The pods-mid July-August-need to be picked as soon as the the pollen bloom disappears and a clean tip remains.One note-the Common Cat-tail is usually to big for most arrangements.Also if you makes an arrangement one will need to spray the plant as they are apt to burst.One of the pics show where they have exploded I am guessing due to the colder weather-anyone with info on this feel free to comment.



pic from-sweetwaterstyle blogspot.com


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