Thoreau for your New Year’s Day…

January, 1858 (Age 40)

Jan. 1. There are many words which are genuine and indigenous and have their root in our in our natures,not made by scholars, and as well understood  by the illiterate as others .There are also a great many words which are spurious and artificial, and can only be used in a bad sense-such as church,the judiciary,to impeach,etc,etc…I have been surveying the Walden woods so extensively and minutely that i now see it mapped in my mind’s eye…I fear this particular dry knowledge may affect my imagination and fancy,that it will not be easy to see so much wildness and native vigor…No thicket will seem so unexplored now that I know that a stake and stones may be found in it…There you are never reminded that the wilderness which you are threading is,after all, some villager’s familiar woodlot from which his ancestors have sledded their fuel for generations…-From Thoreau’s Journal.



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