Thoreau for your Friday…

But alone in distant woods or fields, in unpretending sproutlands or pastures tracked by rabbits, even in a bleak and, to most,cheerless day, like this, when a villager would be thinking of his inn, I come to myself, I once more feel myself grandly related, and that cold and solitude are friends of mine. I suppose that this value, in my case, is equivalent to what others get by church-going and prayer…I thus dispose of the superfluous and see things as they are,grand and beautiful.. I wish to forget, a considerable part of every day, all mean,narrow,trivial men…and therefore I come out to these solitudes where the problem of existence is simplified…This stillness,solitude,wildness of nature is a kind of thoroughwort, or boneset , to my intellect.this is what I go out to seek…January 7,1857.


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