Henbit…Taking a sunbath.

Henbit-Lamium amplexicaule-also called dead nettle or giraffe head-is part of the mint family.It is a low growing annual(or biennial) plant with soft hairy sterms.The stems are square with leaves opposite and the flowers are pink to purple when they bloom in the early spring-more when that happens.As mentioned henbit is part of the mint family and is an edible mint–early springtime-and is high in iron.Gotta add this to my list of weeds to try.It seems like spring is the time to try weeds.One can find henbit through out N.A. to the Arctic Circle.It is native to Europe and Western Asia.Think Spring!

wpid-wp-1423601004704.jpegmeltingpic Walden Pond Melting-Amy Belding Brown



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