Thoreau for your first day of Spring!…

A new phase of the spring is presented; a new season has come.By the soaking rain and the wind of yesterday especially,the remaining snow and ice has been broken,floated off, and melted, and much frost taken out of the ground; and now, as we glide over the Great Meadows before this strong wind, we no longer see dripping, saturated russet and brown banks through rain,hearing at intervals the alarm notes of the early robins…The earth has cast off her white coat and come forth in her clean washed sober russet early spring dress…Look toward the sun, the water is yellow, as water in which the earth has just washed itself clean of its winter impurities;look from the sun and it is a beautiful dark blue; but in each direction the crests of the waves are white…”Spring”-Thoreau’s Journal.It was noted by Dudley C. Lunt in his book” The River” that Thoreau would bring his boat out around the third week of March to herald the arrival of Spring.

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