Wild geranium-you decide…

The wild geranium-Carolina Cranesbill-total about 260 species in `the temperate areas of the world with total distribution in the U.S.These are not the geraniums you will be buying this Mother’s Day-namely the genus Pelargonium.Some are considered weeds and flowers by others.Some are woodland flowers like mine.Yes the pic here is from tim’s weed patch 1.0.I really do have a weed patch where I study weeds and flowers.The open world is tim’s weed patch 2.0.The name cranebill comes from the shape of it’s fruit.The plant grows to about two  feet tall with a hairy stem and deeply cut leaves that are five lobbed with pink or lavender flowers.In short the plant is very pretty and just a joy to view.My vote is that it is a flower-maybe a wild flower.


In wildness is the preservation of the world-Thoreau


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