My mission statement…

What’s that weed? I am going to be honest I have been missing this common weed.Sometimes it just the simple things that makes one think-that was too easy.I also thought I knew this plant and  even thought it was in my yard until my last post.I saw this weed In an area I go to discover the weed world and did some research and eureka-Creeping Charlie-Clechoma hederacea!Also known as ground ivy,gill,alehoof,cat’s foot,field balm.There are probably more.Charlie is a perennial that is a member of the mint family.It like moist areas and some sun-exactly where I found it.This creeper comes form Europe and is found in all of the U.S. except for the Rockies.In addition, this weed has had a busy past.It has been used to flavor beer,the Roman’s used it for inflamed eyes.In the 1500’s it was used for indigestion and as a tonic.Info seems spotty on it’s medicinal use but was used none the less.i know we spend a lot of time and money trying to eliminate this weed,but I read it smells good when mowed-that is my kind of weed!wpid-wp-1432148144753.jpeg

Thanks to for help.


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