Wild stuff on the earth…

If you look in the index of plant books you will see a lot of “wild” plants listed.One listed is wild parsnips-Pastinaca sativa-another escapee from domestication.This plant even looks like a weed-jagged leaves,spiny stem,umbrella yellow flowers growing here and there.But it’s a rough job and somebody has to do it.The wild parsnip lives two years-first as a rosette of leaves-keeping low to the ground to develop a taproot system.The  second year a hollow grooved stem grows 2-5 ft. high.The weed looks like a yellow flower version of Queen Anne’s Lace or Cow Parsnip.One final note-do not touch this plant-this plant will burn you causing blisters and discomfort-maybe not as long as poison ivy but you will know it.I told you it even looked like weed.


Thanks to :www.dni.wi.gov and iastate.edu.pic by td


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