You all know the drill…

Weeds are mostly found in waste places-my fav-,roadsides,disturbed areas,pastures,meadows,construction sites,next to streams, and trails just to name a few; just holding down the planet as I learned from Richard Mabey.Well this familiar weed is no exception.Queen-Annes-Lace(Wild Carrot)-Daucus carota.QAL is widespread.It grows in most parts of the world with the exception of some parts of the High Plains of the U.S. and really likes the Northeast.The common name comes from the flower’s resemblance  to the lace of Queen  Anne’s headdress, and the tiny purple floret represents-all folk lore- a drop of blood where she pricked her finger while making lace.The dried flower head resembles a bird’s nest-another name for QAL.Growing in mass QAL is impressive and has a calming feel where ever it grows!


While this was another plant I wanted to show how massive the stalk can get.You guessed it-holding down the edge of a construction site.


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