I like this story…

“Grass with green flag half- mast high,Succory to match the sky”-from The Humble Bee”-Emerson.Succory is the chicory-Cichorium intybus-, a perennial wildflower that we see dotting the landscape in fields,meadows,pastures,roadsides, and vacant lots.It is a plant with a deep taproot that allows it to survive droughts and mowings.It is similar to the dandelion-a reason I like this plant a lot- in that starts as a rosette on the ground.The sky blue flower is perky in the morning on your drive and closed up on the way home.you may not see it at all on a cloudy day.The young leaves are used like dandelions and the deep tap root is ground as coffee.The name as Blue Sailor comes from from a legend about a maiden who waited a long time for her sailor to return that the gods felt sorry and turned her into a patient plant wearing sailor blue.


Thanks to “Roadside Plants and Flowers”-Marian Edsall


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