My first weed…

Nightshade-Solanium dulcamara-or climbing nightshade.I first saw this weed growing in the neighbor’s fence row and wondered”what’s that weed?”After researching a book by the USDA on weeds-which was in black and white-I finally summarized that it was nightshade-several relatives as usual.Anyway I use both the internet and books to research plants and a little science process thrown in.Back to nightshade; by the way I still use that book..The berries catch your eye in the thicket along the way with their purple, red ,black colors.The plant likes not only fences but stream banks,waste places-my fav-and my garden.You guess it-I let it grow.I understand the berries are poisonous and have been used in England to ward off evil spirits and you thought weeds were just in the way.Last but not least,Thoreau wrote about nightshade:”The berries are another kind which grow in drooping clusters.I do not know any clusters more graceful and beautiful than these drooping cymes of scented or translucent,cherry-colored elliptical berries…”

wpid-wp-1435782470113.jpegwpid-wp-1435782407223.jpeg230px-Henry_David_Thoreauthanks to “suburban wildflowers”-Richard Headstorm


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