Thoreau for your Saturday…

The Bean Field…

Meanwhile my beans, the length of whose rows,aided together, was seven miles already planted,were impatient to be hoed…I came to love my rows , my beans,…They attatched me to the earth, and so I got the strength  like Antaeus… But why should raise them?Only Heaven knows.This was my curious labor all summer- to make this portion of the earth’s surface,which has yielded on;y cinquefoil,blackberries,johnswort, and the like…We are wont to forget that the sun looks on our fields and on the prairies and forests without distinction.They all reflect and absorb his rays alike, and the former make but a small part of the glorious picture which he beholds in his daily course.In his view the earth is all equally cultivated like a garden…Walden 1854.



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