Holding down the prairie…

Crown Vetch-Coronilla varia-are sprawling or climbing plants with curling and twisting tendrils on the end of the leaves.Vetch is planted to prevent soil erosion and to help stabilize the soil by transforming N from the air for the plant and enriches the soil after the plant dies.In farming terms it is used as a cover crop.The Crown Vetch variety has pink and white flowers.Vetch is a member of the Pea family with about 150 species.also common species are Hairy and Cow vetch.

Now a bonus-Thoreau for your Tuesday…from the lane in front of Hawthorne’s, i see dense beds of tufted vetch,for some time, taking the place of the grass in the low grounds,blue inclining in spots to lilac like the lupines…It affects the eyes,their celestial color.i see it afar, in masses on the hillsides near the meadow, much blue, laid on with heavy a hand.July 6,1851


research from “Roadside Plants and Flowers”Marian S. Edsall


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