Vine Wednesday…

Honey-vine milkweed-Cynanchum laeve-is a vining perennial native to eastern and central U.S. and Ontario and my backyard.While on the positive side-it is host for monarch butterfly larvae and smell wonderful,it is very aggressive-which is no worry for me-growing 10-30 feet.Peavine-one of many names(common for plants that are all over) likes moist fertile soil and is found in fence rows,thickets-I love that term-,disturbed areas,and river banks.It flowers June-September and produced some nice pods-I will be watching.The leaves are heart shaped with white veins and beautiful flowers in raceme-like clusters.Note:I just spotted honey-vine growing in the corner of my lot where there is a small weed patch and true to it’s nature growing up the property post.I love it!


Thanks to for help;pics by td.


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