“Good fences make good neighbors…”

Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall” makes the refrain about neighbors rebuilding a fence between them.I am not rebuilding a fence but I am utilizing Giant Ragweed-Ambresia trifida- to serve the same purpose.I let GR to grow in tim’s weed patch 1.0- a weed at the time i did not know-as my neighbor’s just took down their fence.What great timing! Now in this setting-under a large locust tree-it really not a huge issue from an ecological point.Ok just the facts.The giant ragweed is a summer annual growing 3′-12′ tall towering over it’s rivals.The leaves are cut while the flowers are yellowish green without petals and sepals.Causing the infamous hay fever, the seed of the male are easily carried by the wind.The seeds are tough-shocker!-remaining in the soil a few years.While GR has wide US distribution, it seems to like the N.E. and M.W.As always there is some use utilized by a weed- maybe not always.Bird like the oil rich seeds.


pic by td/research:illinoiswidflower.info


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