That is a lot of bull…

The Bull Thistle-Cirsium vulgare-growing 5′ or more,in this case this weed was about 10′ tall.While a weed at best, the purple flower stands out in a crowd.The thistle is a family of about 200 species growing in disturbed areas-pastures,roadsides,ditchbanks and is an aggressive grower outperforming it’s rivals.The thistle has wide distribution through out the world.It is a biennial herbaceous plant with mostly purple flowers-sometimes white-and flowering now.Bull thistle reproduces by seed distribution.As the case many times, a weed has fans of some nature-in this case the goldfinch.The bird uses the the thistledown for lining in it’s nest.


American_Goldfinch_b13-40-018_l_0research from:’Roadsides plants and Flowers”-Edsall;pic from


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