Farewell to summer…

Asters-Aster novae-angliae-sometimes called Wild Daisies include over 600 species living in mostly N.A.In my neck of the woods they are blooming now giving the landscape a splash of color to a sometimes bland part of the year.They signal an end of summer or as our Native Americans say,”They bring in the frost”.The tall, shaggy clumps of the deep purple of the New England Aster are the showiest, and stand out on the roadsides and ditches from now til October.In addition their flowers can be white,blue,and pink.Aster is Latin for star and are sometimes starworts.As always more times than not,weeds have additional uses.In this case,asters have seeds for songbirds and the ancients used them for snake bite.One final note,I see this plant in both weed and wildflower books.You decide.wpid-wp-1441480928500.jpegwpid-wp-1441480998605.jpeg


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