There is some color left…

At least in my neck of the woods(or weed patch) the ox-eye daisy-Chrysanthemum leucanthemum-or field daisy continue to add beauty to a otherwise low color display from  my weed patch 2.0.This plant is considered by some a wildflower and others a weed.I am calling it weed only because it fits the traditional “plant out of place” definition.Ox-eye daisy gets in the pasture where it is difficult to eradicate and cows do not like it’s bitter taste.This weed comes by way of Europe and belongs to the same genus as Chrysanthemun and Shasta Daisy along with 160 other species.A long lasting flowering plant, adding beauty from May to October.Like my dandelions, the ox-eye is not a single flower but a cluster if many tiny, tubular florets-each a perfect flower.Hey now the fun stuff! Remember the “He loves me,he loves me not,he loves me” refrain?This was the flower used to establish the state of our love life.the refrain was from Goethe’s “Marguerite”and by the way-this weed is also called Marguerite.


flower by td,Goethe from Wikipedia,research from “Suburban Wildflowers”-Headstrom and “Roadside Plants and Flowers”-Edsall.


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