Weeds in their final beauty…

This weed stood out like a sore thumb today-brilliant purple in the autumn sun! Redroot pigweed-amaranyhus retroflexus L.-also known as careless weed among others.Quick facts:taproot reddish-pink;flower clusters dense;plants have a rough texture;native to southern U.S.(note spreading all over);annual spreading by seeds-up to 150,000;can produce two generations in a season;aka “superweed”-highly resistant to herbicides:found in farmers fields,roadsides,disturbed land(home to this plant in study).The pods are a deep purple and would make a beautiful arrangement just by itself! “Weeds are flowers too,once you get to know them”-A.A.Milne.

wpid-wp-1445199998023.jpegwpid-wp-1445199959603.jpegpics by td research-“Weeds of North America”-Richard Dickinson and France Royer.


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