A hard working pod…

This plant may not vie for the prettiest pod out there but you most likely use it.The plant is soybeans-Glycine max.Grown in large quantities in the U.S.,Canada,S.A.,soybeans are a legume related to clover,peas,alfalfa.A soybean plant can produce 80 pods that contain 24 pea size beans.When a soybean is processed it produces either an oil or meal creating many products.Products from oil include salad dressing,cooking oil,tofu,soy nuts,TVP-textured veg protein.Likewise products from the meal might be livestock feed-over 98%goes here to feed pigs,chickens,cows.Other industrial products are wood stain,caulk,insulation,candles,ink,crayons,and biodiesel.The USDA reported for 2014 that 3.97 billion bushels were produced at 48 bu./A.


Thanks to:wisobean.org;usda.gov;brownfieldagnews;pic by td.


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