This weed keeps on rolling…

The “tumbleweed” you see tumbling along most likely came from russian thistle-Salsola is very spiny when mature,however it is not a true member of the thistle family but hails from the goosefoot familyIn true weed fashion, the dead weed moves along looking for a wet place and parks it-while scattering 250,000 seeds-til spring..While Russia is the home of this weed, it arrived in a flaxseed shipment in North Dakota in the 1870’s.As weeds do,it was in 16 states in 20 years and invaded Canada as well.The tumbleweed is very problematic in the American West where the dead plant can gather to the size of a Volkswagon and causing all kinds of havoc-fires,erosion,nuisance.Albuquerque,N.M. makes a snowman out the rolling balls every Christmas!Can’t beat em join em! I knew I would find a uses for this weed.

wpid-wp-1446762035935.jpegflower-86download (2)

thanks to:wikipedia,”Weeds”-a Golden Book,National Geographic-Dec 2013 and by td.


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