Two for Monday…

“Each phase of nature,while not invisible,is yet too distinct and obtrusive.It is like a silent but sympathizing companion in whose company we retain most of the advantages of solitude, with whom we can walk and talk, or be silent,naturally,without the necessity of talking in astrain foreign to the place”-Thoreau,Nov 8,1858.

While not invisible,this winter winter annual-henbit(lamium amplexicaule)-is poking it’s head out to get started on next spring.the winter annuals germinate when the soil is cool,live through the winter then bloom in the spring(or even the winter),and then die off after blooming.Henbit-also called Dead Nettle-that likes moist soil and waste places-that is my kind of weed.Introduced from the Old World,henbit grows to be about 2 feet tall with a purple top with 4-angled leaves.It is part of the giant mint family.As in most cases the weed provides cover for birds/animals and helps prevent erosion.

230px-Henry_David_Thoreau                          IMG_0017[2]





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