Pods…final beauty

The pods are nature’s seed containers in their final beauty.The pod in study is the milkweed-Asciepias syriaca.The flowers bloom June-Aug. growing 2-5 ft, tall and are rose-pink in ball clusters.The leaves are broadly  oval and are found in roadsides and fields.in general the pods are large with warty exteriors.What I like about pods is how they change thru the season and provide an additional season to admire their beauty.

2016-01-03 10.25.42the pic is by td and was found in a drain area.




One thought on “Pods…final beauty

  1. I actually found some very pretty ones I used to decorate the Christmas tree and gifts. The results were surprising. Just make sure the seeds have all been cleared out. Coming into the warmth of the house, they think spring has come and start flying about.


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