Go ahead take a swig…

Patrick Moore-Canadian scientist-was asked by a French cable journalist to drink a glass of Round Up herbicide.Mr. Moore is a supporter of GMO foods.Monsanto has said that RU is environmentally friendly and neither animals or humans are affected.the World Health Organization has admitted that glyphosate   is “probably carcinogenic” to humans,RU is the herbicide that GMO crops are engineered to resist.Many countries are banning RU use sitting birth defects and cancer.Most scientists are saying there  is not enough chemical diversity,So what is a farmer to do…to produce  more food for a growing world-9 plus bn,-by 2050.In addition to the previous ideas,more chemicals are being developed with a suggestion that a more diverse method be used to combat these weeds that have evolved to resist the new herbicide.I am not sure if Mr. Moore took a swig.Image result for pics of round upImage result for pics of round up






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