Have you seen this?…

It is called “WEEDit-an infrared weed detection system that can be installed on existing spraying systems when a farmer is spraying for weeds.it can detect and treat individual weeds using red lights,sensors,an a nozzle control system installed along the boom.The nozzles are activated only when a weed is detected instead of just spraying the entire field.It could save up to 90% in costs.This process is being used in Australia and 120 sprayers are being used a year since inception.In short,the device shines a red light on the plant and then the wavelength gets inside the chlorophyll and a small amount of it gets beamed back as infrared.this works on a leaf as small as 25 mm.Each sensor acts as it’s own computer for reporting feedback on it’s tasks.this technology is also due to be used in Canada this summer.Stay tuned!



research from the western producer












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