Purple Top…

What a sight in the late afternoon sun!This is henbit-Lamium amplexicaule-also called Dead Nettle.It is a familiar weed in much of the U.S.-via Europe and Asia-growing up to a foot or so with 4-angled stems,opposite heart-shaped leaves and 2-lipped flowers.Henbit is a member of the mint family.Hey you pick-henbits are annuals,biennials, or perennials.Some common species are:Common,Red,and Spotted.While a bother to the farmer of this field,it is easy to control.As I learned from English naturalist Richard Maybe-the weed is just trying to hold the planet together.Note not long after this pic the farmer plowed the plant under-now adding organic matter to his soil.What a concept!



wpid-C360_2013-05-08-14-19-46.Share_.jpgpic by td ; help from “Weeds”-a Golden Guide-Alexander Martin.One final note-this weed is all around me so I comment alot about it but we will not see it again til winter as it it is about done til winter.Happy Earth Day!






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