It dots the spring landscape…

One sees this plant-weed for some and wildflower for others-all over my neck of the woods.Yellow Rocket-Barbarea vulgaris-a member of the Mustard family is a biennial plant that for the first year forms a rosette of leaves(germinates in the summer/fall) and in the second year shoots up a flower stalk that gets 1-2.5 ft. tall.The bright yellow flower has four petals with smooth leaves.As usual it is holding down some part of the planet-cultivated fields,roadsides,and waste places(my fave).YR is foraged as a food stuff being eaten as a salad-picked when young is best-and is a good source of vit c.The plant is a native to N.A. and Eurasia and is found in most of the U.S. and Canada.Like many weeds yellow rocket had a function in it’s previous life.In Medieval times it was used as a poultice for wounds.

pic by td,research from


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