One weed-many names…

This weed comes to me via my sister-MD-who has lived on a farm for 50 years.Sometimes you just can’t see the weeds for the flowers.I should of picked up on this weed in my travels but a lot of things are just relative-it has not been on the radar.This weed is all over and has many names.Let’s start out with goosegrass-Galium  aparine.Ok here we go:catch weed,sticky weed,velcro weed,grip grass,wire grass,common bedstraw,silver crabgrass,and yard grass just to name a few.Hey you may have a different name.In other word it is all over the place.Oh I forgot one-cleavers.It is a summer annual growing horizontally forming a tough rosette.It is found in crop lands,compacted soil,disturbed areas.The seeds are small and brownish and the seed head contains 3-7 at the tip.MD tells me this is what gets you when you per chance walk through them-you clothes are covered with these little seeds.Ready for this-geese like them!

img_0311pic by .Thanks MD!


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