I can’t even say the word…

Phytophotodermatitis-also PPD-is basically the condition when the juice of a plant comes in contact with the skin in the presence of sunlight can cause a rash and blistering and discoloration of the skin(i,e. the skin erupts).Ok so be careful with wild parsnip-Pastinaca sativa.This weed is all over in my neck of the woods and can be found in all the usual places-fields,pastures,disturbed places.It is fairly tall(4 ft+) with alternate leaves with flat top flowers-numerous five pleated yellow flowers blooming now til late summer.Wild parsnip is a native of Europe and Asia that escaped cultivation-I love this description.In addition one can get this from plants/weeds including queen anne’s lace,giant hog weed,figs,carrots,celery, and limes-all the same happy family.So be careful out there!


pic by td-this weed even looks serious;research from:dnr.state.mn.us and commonsesnsehome.com


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