My worker bee weed…

Yarrow-Achillea millefolium(Aster family)-is my go to plant to cover where grass just can not do the job.I plant it  where grass has died out or in areas where there has been too much water to help with erosion.It seems to be drought tolerant and while might take a year to establish it starts to spread to fill in where needed.Plus it really does not need mowed as I think it looks good just the way it is.Yarrow is also called Milfoil,Thousandleaf, and Woundwort and is a perennial with about 100 other species.It grows in fields,pastures,disturbed sites-my fave,and prairies(tallgrass),my back yard.I have seen this plant to have yellow flowers which are very cool looking.As with a lot of weeds it has has medicinal uses.The plant has antiseptic properties and was used to pack wounds.I told you it was a worker bee!



pics by td;help from “Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers”-Ladd


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