My first weed….

Bittersweet nightshade-solanum dulcamara-also known as woody nightshade is a perennial vine via Europe now in N.A. growing in back yards,edge of fields,vacant lots, all the usual places weeds grow.The berries are red when ripe and the flowers are purple and yellow going  into late summer.this weed I have noticed is a survivor of the weather-it does not matter the conditions-it chugs along.While not the same as “deadly nightshade”,bittersweet ns is somewhat poisonous.Every thing you read about the sins of deadly nightshade is true-one mean plant.The big problem here are alkaloids which cause swelling.Also these weeds are members of the large family called Solanaceae-includes potatoes,egg plant,artichokes,paprika.Ok now for the story.I saw this weed gaining territory in my weed patch and i had to know what it was.It started to grow all over and it was along the neighbors fence as well.So I went to the library and picked up the USDA book of weeds.It was in black and white with very nice pencil drawings.So I continued to match up detailed info along with drawings to finally id the plant.I am not sure why I did not use internet research more-I use both now a lot more.My main concern is accuracy.I still use the USDA book for details.


pic by td-actually my neighbor’s yard-they are never outside!


One thought on “My first weed….

  1. Congratulation with identification!
    I’m from central Europe. I’ve never seen its flowers, only the fruits. In my country I find it only in underlayer of forest, never with such huge leaves.
    Have a nice day


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