Weed for your Monday…


Good and good for you-it’s what for dinner!Purslane-Portulaca oleraceu-is a weed but man is it packed with a lot of goodness.For a moment let’s forget it is a weed from Europe and has 100 relatives with world wide distro.I know it invades the side walk cracks and your garden and my garden container but probably is not a problem weed.It is related to the rose moss and has been called duckweed,fatweed,pursley,wild portuluca, just to name a few.And it is the most frequently reported weed species in the world!Now the good stuff…high in vit c.omega-3,can eat it in a salad or cook with it-pesto for example.It adds a crunchy texture to your salad-who needs croutons?I read it might get a little acrid.Your author has eaten it a salad and is all I mentioned above-wish I had more.And look at that pretty little yellow flower!


pic by td-“the world laughs with flowers”-Emerson.Research from motherearthnews.com.


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