Who thinks of these weeds?…

I do! These “water weeds”(I hope that is an acceptable term) really do help hold down the planet.I have been “eyeing” this plant just off the city trail and has just recently started to show it’s colors.That weed would be .Pickerelweed-Pantederia corodata-a marsh-acquatic(sounds better than water weed) found in the eastern part of the U.S. and into Canada.The lance shaped leaved plant grows on the banks of ponds growing 3-5 feet above the surface producing a spike of purple flowers.The submerged part of the plant provides habitat for invertebrates that become food for fish,ducks,reptiles and the flowers attract butterflies.In addition the plant helps hold down the perimeter of the pond/body of water.All good here!


pic by td help from ufl.edu-thanks.







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