Standing tall…

Slow weed day here at tim’s weed patch,but this weed is in my face.The weed today in study is not far from my weed patch(tim’s weed patch1.0).It is the Giant Foxtail-setaria faberi-that is growing in my neighbor’s yard.Native to China and that area, foxtail came to the U.S. in the 1920’s probably in grain shipments.It is wide spread and is found in sunny areas and is resistant to drought growing up to 5′ tall.Giant foxtail is a summer annual reproducing by seeds and there are a lot.This lends it to an invasive species-growing and reproducing rapidly causing major disturbance to the local ecology.Also be aware of dogs/cats getting into the foxtail patch-not a good mix.The seeds can get into their skin and eyes that can produce fatal conditions.


pic by td;research from;;


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