Weed for your Wednesday…

One can conclude how popular a weed is by the number names it is known.This weed  has a few names as it’s handle.Horse Nettle-Solanum carolinense L.-is also known as:bull nettle,Carolina horse nettle.apple of Sodom(I need to google that one!),wild tomato,tread softly,just to name a few.Bull thistle is part of the nightshade family that includes potatoes,tomatoes,eggplants,peppers,tobacco,and petunias!The plant is prickly with white flowers(white to violet) and the fruit is a yellow berry.You can find-if you are looking-bull nettle in the southeastern part of our United States and northern Mexico.It reproduces by rhizome and seeds-up 5000!Apple of Sodum can be found in orchards,pastures,basins,croplands where it is hard to control-it can harm tomato and potato crops.If you have cattle on your ranch-beware-it is poisonous to your cows!

pic by td-research from”Weeds of North America”-great book!img_0467


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