My other car is bicycle…

Yup-you guessed it-that is td’s bicycle.Not your Dad’s bicycle.This is a fixed gear bicycle-as in no derailleur or brakes-you either pedal or walk.Sometimes referred to as a ‘fixie”or track bike-the bicycle racers ride on the velodromes.It is not a pleasure bicycle-as in ‘let’s go ride bikes”.One either pedals or walks-no coasting here!It teaches you to be a better bicyclist-anticipating stops-duh!-or up coming dangers where you have to decide how to stop or slow down.The following passage does a nice job of explaining the whole bicycling feeling…”Biking lets you express an exuberance of motion, a sort of secret orgy of delight that no one knows your experiencing.To you are only riding a bike-only riding a bike!”


This bicycle is a “copy” of the old French bicycle Mercier(Tour de France rider Raymond Poulidor rode this brand-60’s).I am not sure of the company’s name but they bought the name and produce theses bicycles in Tiwain.Check I use the bike to look for weeds!Keepin’ it simple!Research from-The Bicycling Book by Krausz/Reis Krausz-1982.


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