Two weeds for Tuesday…

I going old school with these weeds and keeping it simple-you all know the Thoreau quote!These two weeds have been in my brain’s library since me and my brother ‘cut weeds out of beans” in my sister’s-affectionately known as MD-farm in the mid 60’s.Now this was before Round Up and when farmers cultivated their fields.Also better known as the mechanical method to rid the fields-soybeans that is-of weeds.Anyway we loved the job-no kidding!One of the weeds that invaded the beans was “button weed”.Also known as Velvetleaf-Abutilon theophrasti-that was introduced in the U.S. in the 1750 or so as a fiber crop.It is an annual producing 17,000 seeds!It is all over the place..We now we have another weed that invaded the bean field-hey we used hoes to cut the weeds-MD used a corn knife!She did not mess around.Some of the rows were .75 miles long by the way!Oh back to the weed.It was the Smartweed-polygonum pensylvanicum-that I remember as another bothersome weed in the beans.There are 200 species of this weed and the wildlife use it as a food source and the name comes from the juice which causes ‘smarting”.Thanks to my sister MD who is my weed mentor to this day-still livin’ on the farm-love ya!



pic  by td-the button weed is in my tomato patch-container-and the smartweed is in my mint patch-hey I am serious when i say I let weeds grow!Research from Weeds-A Golden Book and Weeds of  North America.










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