Weedy Tuesday…

Morning Glory-Ipomoea hederacea-stems twining;leaves alternate,three-to five lobed;flowers pale blue to pinkish-violet.Just a nice lookin’ weed!


Pokeweed-Phytolacca americanna L.-this weed has many names but is found in mainly the eastern part of the U.S.-heavy in the South.The stems are red to pinkish-green;flowers white;fruit a dark purplish-black berry with crimson juice.this weed can also be found in Europe and western Asia.The juice is used as a dye.


Yellow nutsedge-Cyperus esculentus L.-stems are tiangular in cross section;flower clusters yellow to brown;grassy looking.This weed is very productive with a plant producing 90,000 seeds.Hence it is problematic in our ag fields.30 countries report sedge as a weed.the Sedge family is huge-600 species.


pics by td-research help from “Weeds of North America’-Dickinson/Royer.


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