Three for Thursday…

This is going to be fast-so hold on…


Common Milkweed-Asclepias syriaca L.-plants with milky juices;leaves opposite;flowers pale pink,in globe shaped clusters.While considered an invader in some circles and not good for livestock,it has been noted that we need more for our butterfly population.Namely the Monarch -which is milkweed butterfly.



Field Bindweed-Convolvulus arvensis L.-stems twinning;leaves arrowhead-shaped;flowers funnel-shaped and white.Major opportunity here is that it can reduce yields in ag crops but a pretty weed!


Chicory-cichorium intybus L.-also called blue sailors-flowers are blue-I have seen  white-in headlike clusters;plants with milky juice, and roast the roots for coffee.Cool story…It is seen as inspiration for the Romantic concept of the Blue flower-blue lookout by the wayside.

Research from “Weeds of North America” and Wikipedia-pics by td


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