An autumn flower…

While we may see asters-Aster novae-angliae-or New England Aster,in the late summer,they are essentially autumn flowers.Some refer to them as a ‘Second Spring” bringing color when plant life is starting to look brownish.In the U.S. there are 120 species that flood the landscape with color.Just for the record, aster is Latin for star and are sometimes known as starworts.Like goldenrods,they are plentiful in the Northeast and nay be considered weeds-uggh-but come in colors other than purple.You may see white,blue,and pink in addition to purple.As with many weeds/wildflower,(hey you decide),they have some function in life.Asters provide seeds for songbirds and back in the day was good for snakebite-who knew!Enjoy your Fall!


pic by td;help from “Suburban Wildflowers”-Headstrom


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