Final beauty…

The final beauty of weeds and wildflowers lies in their pods-seed containers for the plants.In short the the pod has a beauty of it’s own.The pods in the pic are from honey vine mikweeds-Cynanchym laeve.Now the basics.The plant blooms from June -September with white vase shaped flowers.The leaves are heart shaped that tide along a twining vine that will go all over if you let it.Honeyvine-also called Bluevine-is found in ag fields,thickets,disturbed areas,my back yard.The pods are usually paired and green,growing 3″-6″ long with brown seeds.What I really love about this plant is the aromatic smell it produces-a source of beauty by itself.


pic by td-I should of left them on the plant for a better illustration-research from thanks to Jane Embertson for her book:”Pods-Wildflowers and Weeds in Their final Beauty”.I love this book!


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